Our education policy is based on children learning through play. The children are given the opportunity to participate in free play as well as teacher-directed activities. Each area/activity is carefully planned and designed to lead your child to develop to his or her full potential.

Our curriculum has been extensively developed to cater for each age group and focuses on their specific needs and developmental stages, laying the foundation for formal schooling. As classes are small our children are given extra attention as well as opportunities to be stimulated and challenged. Each week we will focus on a new theme and our daily discussions, artwork and activities all revolve around that. The outside play area has been planned and structured to encourage gross motor development, imagination and self-confidence.
Our school is based on Christian principles and this is incorporated throughout our daily program.

Additional activities

We believe in a back to basics, hands-on approach, and children get to learn and explore in our Little Garden and Sensory Play Area. Each class will be given the opportunity to plant, water and care for our Garden, teaching them gardening skills, appreciation for nature as well as responsibility.


The Grade R/RR children will go on a number of outings throughout the year (Click on 'Events' tab for more info). These outings will be relevant to the specific theme that the children will be discussing that week. The whole school joins in for the end of year outing. Parents are welcome to join us on all outings.


Each child is continually assessed, formally and informally, to monitor his or her progress. A report on your child’s progress will be handed out after the second and fourth term. Our teachers will provide open feedback on your child’s development, ensuring that any problem areas are dealt with as early as possible and with care and compassion.
Our school is based on Christian principles and this is incorporated throughout our daily program.

Moving on to 'Big school'?

We work closely with our surrounding schools and are a feeding school to Milkwood Primary, Park Laerskool, Hartenbos Laerskool and Curro Private School.